Month: August 2013

Tresor Paris’s “Nouvelle Collection” Launch Party

It’s a balmy Thursday night in central London, Bond Street is filled with tourists and commuters, in the distance one can see the Tresor Paris bus approaching, as it nears its destination it glistens in the early evening sunlight and finally arrives at the renowned Westbury Hotel, Mayfair. The event? The grand launch of the Tresor Paris’s “Nouvelle Collection”. Entering this fine hotel the guests, 325 of them, have to pass a massive security wall to enter, once in, make their way downstairs where they are greeted by the charming staff serving champagne and wines then entering this lavish gallery room into the magical diamond and crystal world of Tresor Paris. The stars of the night were of course the new ranges and designs of the Bellatrix, Cygnus, Neptune, Orion and Bella Rose plus many more newly released pieces which included a small taste of the new diamond collection. Guests included representatives from the three charities that Tresor Paris are heavily involved with, Breast Cancer Care, Rugby for Heroes and Marie Curie Cancer Care whom …

Big Brother Runner up Brings Sparkle to Tresor Paris!

Gina is not embarrassed about her wealthy lifestyle. She admits she has never been on a train or bus but would love to experience it.  Gina Rio popped in to the Tresor Paris HQ yesterday to grace the staff with her gleaming, glitzy presence. The air became that little bit more thick with gold dust as the heiress wafted in to room coated in designer gear. Unashamed of her opulent lifestyle, Rio has taken the nation by storm when she appeared on big brother. She became immediately a favourite to win at the bookies as soon as the public caught wind of her allowance, lifestyle and her inexperience with all things considered normal!  Her mother gives her a £10,000 per month, lived at the Savoy for a wopping  £20,000 per month and describes herself as a lady of leisure. It was these attributes that led to Gina clashing with fellow contestant Hazel while in the BB house. A strong personality, Gina Rio has no problem putting the proletariat in their place, and the viewers of …

Over 1.6 Million Pieces SOLD Tresor Paris Tap into the Canadian Market

Over the past 12 months multiple jewellery award winners, Tresor Paris, sold over 1.6million pieces. With the consistent home-grown growth in business Tresor Paris are cultivating a rapid expansion across the pond, in Canada. Having already laid a foundation for a large enterprise in Canada, with offices that match the capacity of their headquarters in London, Tresor Paris has had an influx of interest from press, stockists and consumers in Canada. With business in this thriving market looking promising, Tresor Paris’ Business Development Director and permanent Canadian Director are attending the Canadian Jewellery Expos this weekend.  Run by the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA), a national trade association representing all aspects of the Canadian jewellery industry since 1918, Tresor Paris’ diaries are fully booked for the entire three day event.  Look out for some truly exciting news about Tresor Paris’ ongoing relationship with Canada. For more information, images or samples please contact: Nadine Doran-Holder|Marketing Executive 020 7427 8300