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Tresor Paris Seize Counterfeit Goods

Tresor Paris are quite frankly fed up of the increasing number of fakes devaluing their brand. They don’t sparkle half as much or last as long, so they are better off destroyed!

Tresor Paris got TM Eye UK on the case – an  experienced organization of retired police detectives and trading standards officers that monitor, report and seize counterfeit goods on behalf of the manafacturers. TM Eye operatives searched through incoming parcels that were identified as suspect through the x-ray machines. This took place at one of the main UK import hubs, for over 24 hours.

Shockingly, a total of 158 items were seized. 54 bracelets totaling RRP £4,734, 48 earrings totaling RRP £528 and 5 necklaces totaling RRP £995 – a total sum of RRP £6,257. The sale of illegal fakes is growing daily and so this kind of action is an absolute must.

Tresor Paris is THE ORIGINAL and will continue to work closely with TM Eye and the UK Border Agency to tighten their grip on the prevention of counterfeit products coming into the country.

Fakes beware! We are watching you!


For more information, images or samples please contact:

Leroi Hanniford|PR Manager
0207 427 8300
Olivia Martyn|PR Assistant
0203 427 8310