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Tresor Paris, Youth Aliyah and the Mechina Project

Tresor Paris this month attended a special charity event in aid of the Youth Aliyah ‘Mechina Project’.

Youth Aliyah is a charity close to the heart of Tresor Paris, which focuses on providing an education and a stable environment for disadvantaged Israeli youths. Youth Aliyah was founded in 1938 and today, supports five youth villages;

“Here we provide them with a home, an education and an opportunity to break out from a disastrous cycle of distress, highlighted by economic hardship, especially amongst the immigrant community, unemployment, poverty, drug abuse and violence.”

Youth Aliyah have recently embarked on a new project named, the ‘Mechina Project’ and Tresor Paris are proud to have supported them.

The Mechina Project is a one-year program that prepares immigrant high school graduates for leadership roles and a successful future. The aim is to encourage youths, who may not have otherwise been given any opportunities, to become active members of Israeli mainstream society.

Tresor Paris donated a bracelet to each woman who attended and supported the event, which took place on Tuesday 8th November at London’s infamous Churchill Hotel.

Guests were also surprised by Britain’s Got Talent contestant Ronan Parke who sang beautifully at the event and also wore a Tresor Paris bracelet to show his support.

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