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The Tresor Paris Bus Has Had A Makeover…. and it’s on it’s Way to Bedfordshire!

We all like to look special (which is why we wear Tresor Paris!), so it is only fair that the Tresor Paris bus is allowed to feel just as good!

Tresor Paris have decided that it is about time the biggest member of the TP family has a makeover!

The famous bus is looking as good as ever. Its first stop (after the IJL exhibition, of course) is at the fabulous Flitwick Jewellers, Bedfordshire, 8th September. It’s new design has been kept such a big secret, the anticipation has been hard to bare!

The bus will, of couse, be kitted out with some of Tresor Paris’ beautiful new collection for the public to have a sneak peak!

Come along and meet the amazing Flitwick Jeweller’s team, and select your very own piece of Tresor Paris jewelery!

Contact for more information.

See you there! x

For more information, images or samples please contact:

Olivia Martyn|PR Assistant
0203 427 8310