tresor paris

Counterfeit Warning

Tresor Paris has this week received a report of at least one counterfeit eBay seller;

“There is at least one seller on eBay selling counterfeit Tresor Paris bracelets. The seller that I am aware of is jinqiangao2011 in China. I bought one of the bracelets thinking that it was genuine. It was garbage.”

It is for this reason that we only recommend purchasing Tresor Paris from our online store or from one of our official stockists (as found on our website).

Those who sell fakes and those who knowingly buy counterfeit goods are abusing the hard work of all that create a quality product with a quality brand name. Tresor Paris have previously received complaints of ‘poor quality’ and when investigated, it is clear to see why – unofficial stockists have been selling fake goods at a lesser price which, obviously can not have the quality and craftsmanship of true Tresor Paris items.

To prevent the occurrence of fake and counterfeit goods, Tresor Paris already have a legalteamin place and we welcome any queries that consumers may have relating to stockists. Fortunately, with the help of the Council,the Policeand Trading Standards, we have successfully shut down a number of illegal outlets and will continue to do so until all counterfeit sales are stopped.

For more information, samples and images please contact:

Hannah Bailey(PR Assistant)
Phone No:0203 355 4030

Leroi Hanniford(Press Officer)
Phone No:0203 355 4030/077 888 00 247