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Tresor Paris Continue To Seize Counterfeit Goods!

Tresor Paris are still hot on the trail of counterfeit goods and never cease to pursue these criminals!
Tresor Paris working very closely with TM Eye UK – an experienced organization of trading standards officers and retired police detectives who monitor, report, seize and destroy counterfeit goods on behalf of manufacturers. Using x-ray Machines, TM Eye operatives search through incoming parcels that are identified as suspect.

TM Eye spent the 12th September at the Coventry Parcel Hub looking for counterfeit Tresor Paris items. Shockingly, in their short time there, they seized a total of 243 items including 81 bracelets totaling RRP £12,069. The sale of illegal fakes is growing daily and so this kind of action is absolutely essential.

Thanks to the hard work of TM Eye and tip offs from customers, thousands of pounds worth of fake Tresor Paris items have been destroyed, preventing Tresor Paris customers from being sold an inferior product.
Tresor Paris is THE ORIGINAL and will continue to work closely with TM Eye and the UK Border Agency to eradicate the substandard counterfeit goods from circulation.

Criminals beware! We are watching you!

For more information, images or samples please contact:

Nadine Doran-Holder| Marketing Executive
0207 427 8300