tresor paris

Tresor Paris – Our Promise

As part of Tresor Paris’ level of service, the brand promises to help protect consumers and trade from counterfeit or infringing companies.

We can report that Tresor Paris has successfully taken action against a number of illegal outlets as well as those brands overstepping the line between similarity and imitation, by using copyright materials.

Just recently a well-known trade publication printed an apology from an infringing company where they had used original Tresor Paris images to try and promote their own brand.

Tresor Paris is proud to be seen asthe originalcreator of the ‘bead phenomenon’ and will ensure that the valued custom of all consumers and Tresor Paris affiliates are protected by the brand.

We welcome any queries relating to derivative brands and we will happily answer any questions regarding possible infringement or counterfeits.

For more information, images or samples please contact:

Leroi Hanniford | PR Manager

020 3355 4031 | 07788800247

Hannah Bailey | PR Assistant

0203 355 4030