tresor paris

The Tresor Paris Bus Arrived at Hatton Jewellery, Leigh-On-Sea!

The bus rolled in to Leigh-On-Sea on Friday 30th November at 2pm.

Customers explored the luxurious customised bus and took a look at the current Tresor Paris collections, including the newly launched ISL Watch collection!

There were copies of the Tresor Paris newspaper, some special goodies for visitors on the bus to enjoy and Hatton Jewellers gave away goodie bags with vouchers and sweets as well!

Hatton Jewellery raised money for Southend Hospital, all proceeds from the bus event will be donated to the hospital. To get as much money together for the hospital donation as possible Hatton Jewellery sold cupcakes and held a prize draw with a grand prize of a gorgeous Tresor Paris necklace!

The bus was at Hatton Jewellery all afternoon but if you missed it- don’t worry, Hatton Jewellery carries a wide selection of Tresor Paris Jewellery so you can always find that perfect piece!

For more information, images or samples please contact:

Nadine Doran-Holder|Marketing Executive
020 7427 8318