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The Voice star Tyler James pops in for a chat with Tresor Paris!

Tyler James fans can catch Tresor Paris’ exclusive interview with him on the Tresor Paris YouTube channel and see him opening up about his early life, collaborating with Kano, and vandalising young girl’s £400 phones!

At the peak of his spectacular comeback, kick started when he blew away the judges in the notorious auditions round of the The Voice, TP caught Tyler wearing the brown turquoise skull bracelet from the Pluto collection. Immediately capturing the heart of the nation with his R&B influenced style, Tyler James has never looked back. Tresor Paris caught up with the artist as he was gearing up to release his latest single “Worry About You”, which hit the shops at the end of February.

James told Tresor Paris that this hit was actually written five years ago, and was the only one of his old songs chosen to be reworked in the recording room, which included adding rapper Kano’s urban sound to the mix. With the contagious track having being played all over the airwaves as of late, Tyler James is being forced to face the facts, he’s finally made it to the big time, and Tresor Paris couldn’t be happier for him!
Tresor Paris loved meeting Tyler and especially enjoyed his accapella serenade!

Check out our exclusive interview with Tyler on our YouTube channel!

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