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Exclusive! Tresor Paris goes behind the scenes at Ed Drewett’s new music video!

Jewellery Award winning brand Tresor Paris caught up with Ed Drewett recently backstage at the shooting of his new music video, ‘Drunk Dial’. The Essex-born cheeky chappy may have a casual laid-back exterior, but don’t let this fool you!

Ed Drewett is a formidable songwriter and collaborator, not only orchestrating his own music career, but writing several hits such as the number one “I Need You Tonight” by The Wanted. Household names such as Professor Green have collaborated with him in the past, and this new track is a witty rendition about the dangers of calling your ex after a few too many, a place most of us have visited! Tresor Paris had a great time at the shoot, and are on the edge of their seats, awaiting his brand new single to be released on March 13th 2013.

To see what Tresor Paris got up to behind the scenes and spot our gorgeous jewellery, check out the Tresor Paris YouTube Channel and see the exclusive video!

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