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Britain’s Got Talent Star Lauren Thalia Visits Tresor Paris at London HQ!

Performing in Paris, dazzling listeners in Radio 1’s Live Lounge, with upcoming dates as far afield as Thailand and Singapore, 12 year-old Lauren Thalia is reaping the benefits from years of dedication to becoming a singer.

That unforgettable moment when a sweet little girl with a big voice arrived at the Britain’s Got Talent live auditions, putting a smile on the face of notorious grouch Simon Cowell, marked the beginning of a bright future for the young starlet. Having performed from the tender age of seven Lauren is no stranger to the stage, and she has oozed maturity and professionalism throughout her career, featuring in interviews, tweeting, and while always practicing on her trademark guitar.

Tresor Paris fell head over heels for the little girl with the big guitar the moment she walked into the showroom, where she picked up a couple of sparkly items from their range, while taking a break from charming the pants of the staff! She even showed off her new bracelets at the Hard Rock Café in Paris in February!

Lauren wore her gorgeous blush pink crystal and stainless steel Belle Rose bracelet and her gorgeous turquoise skull bracelet from the Pluto collection.

To dazzle like Lauren, get the latest collections from the Tresor Paris website.

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