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Fyodor Golan Bring On The Gold Rush at Moscow Fashion Week with Tresor Paris!

Tresor Paris are delighted to announce the appearance of their gorgeous jewellery at the prestigious Moscow Fashion Week.

After making a huge impact at London Fashion Week with their opulent designs, design team Fyodor Golan took their tailor-made Tresor Paris jewellery all the way to Russia for a spectacular catwalk show.

Fourty five thousand visitors streamed through the event that week to get a glimpse of the most beautiful and extravagant designs that the world has to offer. The front row was overrun with the Russian glitterati including the gorgeous Glukoza (the famous Rusian pop star), renowned star Alex Serov and his breathtaking fashionista wife, Irina Kachko, who was wearing Fyodor Golan (of course!) Taking place in a magnificent 19th century neoclassical hall just beside the Kremlin, it was the event of the year for the Russian fashion industry.

British design duo Fyodor Golan collaborated with Tresor Paris, and wowed the crowds with their individualistic and visually arresting creations, setting the duo apart from the crowd. Most notable was a gold bodice and body paint creation that made headlines across the globe!

Fyodor Golan certainly chose the right jewellery to tie their collection together! Each stunning model, including Fashion TV host and model Maria Mogsolova, wore a bespoke Tresor Paris black agate choker as they strode down the runway in Fyodor Golan’s various magnificent creations.

The Tresor Paris collection coordinated seamlessly with the luxurious theme that ran through the designs. Tresor Paris are proud to be working with such a imaginative and sumptuous brand, Congratulations Fyodor Golan!

To see the full range of images from Moscow Fashion Week, check out the official Tresor Paris Facebook page!

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