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Tresor Paris meet and greet with up and coming Voice star Joseph Apostol!

Tresor Paris are overjoyed to report that budding The Voice star Joseph Apostol, 21, dropped in for a whirlwind tour of the Tresor Paris London HQ! Originally from the Phillipines, Apostol claims to have found the transition of moving to UK very tough, and misses the tight family community of his homeland. He described to us how singing became his escape, and a vital tool in building his confidence. His family spurred him on backstage at the hit BBC show’s auditions as he performed a show stopping rendition of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.
The judges were instantly blown away by his soulful vocals, with both Jessie J and Tom Jones turning the chairs around and battling for the talented singer! The Tresor Paris team were on the edge of their seats as they watched the judges compete against each other to snap young Joseph up like a bowl of chicken adobo! Jessie J cited him as a vital ‘asset to the team’, and Tom told him he had an ‘original sounding voice’ and that he knew that his decision to hold out for the last slot on his team had paid off the moment Joseph started to sing!

Joseph loved the selection at Tresor Paris and left with two bracelets; the first was a black agate, rose gold plated silver bracelet with pave-set white crystal from the Andromeda collection, which boasts a stunning contrast of textures, the second bracelet was Rene, a black crystal and magnetite bracelet that is sleek and sophisticated, while still catching light and sparkling beautifully. Joseph also fell for one of our brand new watches from the ISL Iconic Style Luxury range, taking with him a black silicone black crystal encrusted watch with sterling silver bezel, the result was the overall look of a man facing stardom, ready to blow away the judges with his new bling!
Now a member of global superstar Tom Jones’ chosen twelve, the team at Tresor Paris wish him the best of luck in the battle rounds, and will be cheering him on every step of the way!

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