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Tresor Paris Goes Dippy For DJ Diplo in Cannes!

Internationally renowned DJ, music producer, rapper and songwriter Diplo (aka Thomas Wesley Pentz) has been spotted wearing Tresor Paris at the most glamourous event of the year, Cannes Film Festival!

The team were delighted to see the co-founder of Major Lazer sporting the white crystal and black agate and magnetite bracelet from the highly sought after Orion collection.

This sleek matte agate bracelet is interjected with a single micro-pave white crystal bead resting at the centre of the piece, smart, masculine and sophisticated, its the perfect accessory for a swanky after party at the silver screen event of 2013.

DJ Diplo, who has collaborated with M.I.A, Beyonce, Usher and No Doubt, put on a great show at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival on the evening of May 17th.

Revellers saw the Los Angeles based noisemaker perform his set at one of the city’s hottest night spots, Torch at Vegaluna Beach Club. Founder of record company Mad Decent, the ex-teacher has also started a not for profit organization called Heaps Decent and appears to be the blossoming philanthropist of the DJ scene!

Tresor Paris looks forward to seeing (and hearing) more from this blinging boy with the banging beats, so watch this space for more juicy gossip! For more on this and other celebrities, go to for the latest news from Tresor Paris.

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