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Gangnam Style Look-Alike ‘Psyches’ Tresor Paris out in Cannes!

 The Tresor Paris team were delighted when they were led to believe they had met Korean internet dance sensation Psy, who infamously started the ‘Gangnam Style’ craze that swept the globe this year.

 Psy, whose debut single has been parodied infinitely on YouTube by fans making their own versions of the dance craze, appeared in several celebrity snaps and twitter feeds from the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Actor Adrian Brody, new Bond girl Naomi Harris, DJ Sanchez, and even Tresor Paris all posted images of the be-spectacled star on their social networking sites- Unaware that he was a look-alike!

 But this imposter’s mischievous plot was soon revealed when Psy himself tweeted from Singapore, “’Seems like there’s another ME at Cannes…say Hi to him.’ This new immediately began to trickle down the Twittersphere to the press, which is how Tresor Paris got wind of this cheeky prankster’s antics!  Despite having gifted him an considerably valuable bracelet from the Orion collection, Tresor Paris know when to admit defeat and pay homage to a master of deception!

We admit it… we were completely fooled! As the Tresor Paris team nurse their bruised pride, they take solace in the fact that they were not the only people to fall for this elaborate ruse!

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