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Tresor Paris Adds Sparkle to Rap Star Eve’s Album Launch!

On the evening of Monday the 3rd of June Grammy Award Rapper/Actress Eve was at Dstrkt Club in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

The rapper is known for a hugely successful career in the early 2000s, famously winning a grammy for her collaboration with Gwen Stefani in 2001.

She is also is famed for her acting in the Barbershop films, and in XXX alongside Vin Diesel, and also owns her own popular clothing brand called Fetish.

The star was in town celebrating the release of her new album Lip Lock which debuted on May 14th of this year.

Eve looked every bit the Hip Hop starlet in a technicolour paint splash bodycon dress, layered with a black leather jacket. Wearing the two bracelets gifted to her by Tresor Paris, the silver and gold crystal stainless steel bracelets from the ever popular Orion collection, she made the outfit effortlessly glamourous with a sassy edge!

She even posted a snap on instagram of her and Peppa from Salt ‘n’ Peppa wearing the two sparkling accessories gifted by Tresor Paris, we couldn’t be more delighted when we saw the picture got 6,200 likes!

The Let Me Blow Ya Mind rapper was a pleasure to meet, and every bit the demure, professional rap queen that you would hope for! We wish her all the best for her endeavours in the future, and for the success of her incredible new album!

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