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Tresor Paris were proud to be involved with what turned out to be a magical evening of entertainment and fine dining at the OJAM Foundation Gala at the Battersea Evolution last Thursday evening. The Venue had been transformed into a Miami Beach Club, and this was what greeted the guests on their arrival.

Cocktails of all sorts were served during the reception, and when entering the dining area the guests were treated to a superb dinner served and created to a 5 star treatment.

 During dinner the guests were entertained by the eerie magical talents of street magician Dynamo, before proceedings moved on to the major reason for all of us being there, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

 The speech by Harpul S Kumar, the Chief Executive for Cancer Research UK, was both moving and of much interest, stating that the survival rate of cancer sufferers had doubled over the last 40 years. For Tresor Paris to be involved with such an individual was indeed humbling.

JLS launched The OJAM Foundation in partnership with Cancer Research UK, and even though the group are going their separate ways after their next tour they have committed themselves to continuing their work with the foundation.

After dinner X Factor’s Misha B and many more performed to the large audience that had gathered.

Every guest was presented with a Tresor Paris Bracelet, and the audience was a sea of sparkling glamour by the end of the evening. Particular favourites amongst JLS’s JB, and One Direction’s Niall Horan was the Black Agate micro pavé crystal bracelet from the Orion Collection, the rose gold version was preferred by famed stars such as boxer David Haye and boy band Lawson, all were worn throughout the evening.

The live auction produced so many laughs and numerous battles in the bidding, causing the atmosphere in the room to be electric, especially when one anonymous bid for £250,000 was placed, wonder who that was? It was through this auction that a large percentage of the £1,000,000 raised. Tresor Paris themselves were heavily involved in the bidding and ended up walking away with two of the auction lots.

The highlight of the evening’s entertainment was still to come, when the guests were entertained by the fine voice and music of Gary Barlow, whom was then joined by JLS themselves on stage, wow, so much talent, and so enjoyable, getting all the crowd on their feet. The guests were kept on their feet until 2am dancing to the music played by JLS’s own Aston and Marvin.

Tresor Paris wish JLS and Cancer Research UK all the best of luck to reach their target of £2,000,000, and they are half way there already. It was a real honour to be involved in this groundbreaking night of philanthropy.

Follow this link to check out OJAM’s website and find out how you can help raise monies towards their £2,000,000 target.


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