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Over 1.6 Million Pieces SOLD Tresor Paris Tap into the Canadian Market

Over the past 12 months multiple jewellery award winners, Tresor Paris, sold over 1.6million pieces. With the consistent home-grown growth in business Tresor Paris are cultivating a rapid expansion across the pond, in Canada.

Having already laid a foundation for a large enterprise in Canada, with offices that match the capacity of their headquarters in London, Tresor Paris has had an influx of interest from press, stockists and consumers in Canada. With business in this thriving market looking promising, Tresor Paris’ Business Development Director and permanent Canadian Director are attending the Canadian Jewellery Expos this weekend.  Run by the Canadian Jewellers Association (CJA), a national trade association representing all aspects of the Canadian jewellery industry since 1918, Tresor Paris’ diaries are fully booked for the entire three day event.

 Look out for some truly exciting news about Tresor Paris’ ongoing relationship with Canada.

For more information, images or samples please contact:

Nadine Doran-Holder|Marketing Executive
020 7427 8300