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Big Brother Runner up Brings Sparkle to Tresor Paris!

Gina is not embarrassed about her wealthy lifestyle. She admits she has never been on a train or bus but would love to experience it.

 Gina Rio popped in to the Tresor Paris HQ yesterday to grace the staff with her gleaming, glitzy presence. The air became that little bit more thick with gold dust as the heiress wafted in to room coated in designer gear. Unashamed of her opulent lifestyle, Rio has taken the nation by storm when she appeared on big brother. She became immediately a favourite to win at the bookies as soon as the public caught wind of her allowance, lifestyle and her inexperience with all things considered normal!

 Her mother gives her a £10,000 per month, lived at the Savoy for a wopping  £20,000 per month and describes herself as a lady of leisure. It was these attributes that led to Gina clashing with fellow contestant Hazel while in the BB house. A strong personality, Gina Rio has no problem putting the proletariat in their place, and the viewers of Big Brother loved every second of it. Tresor Paris gifted the reality star with a stunning white crystal necklace from the luxurious Neptune collection, sparkling like diamonds to match that 24 carat lifestyle!

 Known for cracking quotes such as “I remember pointing at a bus when I was a kid and telling mum I wanted to go on one” and “But I drive everywhere or if I want to go to Paris then I fly. I go by private jet, mum organises it.” It’s truly a pleasure to watch Gina exist the life we all dreamed of. Having recently  bought a £2million house in King’s Cross, we at Tresor Paris are positive that we will see more of the diamond diva on our screens.

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