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Tresor Paris’s “Nouvelle Collection” Launch Party

It’s a balmy Thursday night in central London, Bond Street is filled with tourists and commuters, in the distance one can see the Tresor Paris bus approaching, as it nears its destination it glistens in the early evening sunlight and finally arrives at the renowned Westbury Hotel, Mayfair. The event? The grand launch of the Tresor Paris’s “Nouvelle Collection”.

Entering this fine hotel the guests, 325 of them, have to pass a massive security wall to enter, once in, make their way downstairs where they are greeted by the charming staff serving champagne and wines then entering this lavish gallery room into the magical diamond and crystal world of Tresor Paris.

The stars of the night were of course the new ranges and designs of the Bellatrix, Cygnus, Neptune, Orion and Bella Rose plus many more newly released pieces which included a small taste of the new diamond collection.

Guests included representatives from the three charities that Tresor Paris are heavily involved with, Breast Cancer Care, Rugby for Heroes and Marie Curie Cancer Care whom are our latest additions. All have their own Tresor Paris ranges which already have helped raise thousands of pounds.

 Arun Sharma on behalf of Marie Curie said of Tresor Paris, “We are delighted to be working with Tresor Paris and extremely grateful for their generous support. This beautiful range of jewellery will help Marie Curie nurses to continue to provide free hands on care to people all with terminal illnesses and vital emotional support for their loved ones.”

Alan Lamb on behalf of Rugby for Heroes went on to add, “ We are pleased that Tresor Paris have adopted us as one of their charities, and we thoroughly enjoyed the fabulous launch party where our new range was on show, it was a hit with all that attended.”

To end a fabulous evening the guests were entertained by the incredible voice of Sarah Cassidy (recently featured on the Voice), and cheeky magician Josh Brett spread his magic around the room all night.

All guests were handed goody bags as they departed filled with makeup from Krynon, Jellybeans, Classy monogrammed Tresor Paris Pens and Moisturising Gel from Love Your Skin.

Tresor Paris would like to thank all those that attended and showed their support for all our charities.

This truly was a Launch to Remember.

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020 7427 8300