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RB Takes Tresor Paris to the Movies

Richard Blackwood, comedian, actor and avid fan of Tresor Paris, paid the Hatton Garden  showrooms a surprise visit this October, and bought with him, his son, Keaun.

As is already common knowledge, RB is a big fan of the brand and we now hope to have another Blackwood admirer too!

The pair were attending The Three Musketeerspremier at the new Westfields shopping centre and popped in beforehand to accessorize their already uber-stylish outfits; For Richard, his faithful Les Rosaires rosary necklace and some new Breel black crystal earrings. The Les Rosaires is becoming a big hit at the moment, with its combination of white crystals, magnetite, black Tibetan cord and an attractive silver cross. The Breel are a
safe but stylish choice – black studs that can be paired with all and everything. ‘Junior B’ followed in his father’s footsteps and sported the smaller version of Richard’s Sure bracelet – white crystal spheres alternating with magnetite balls and finished with the black Tibetan cord. He also wore a single white crystal stud from the Tassily set. Like-fatherlike-

Richard, who is currently co-starring alongside the beautiful Amanda Holden in Shrekthe Musical, now has an impressive and growing collection of Tresor Paris goodies and the teamat Head Office look forward to seeing him again soon! For further details please log on to:

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